First Atoifi Health Research Symposium

This page contains links to the Proceedings and the Presentations of the First Atoifi Health Research Symposium. This was held at Atoifi on 12 March 2015, while Atoifi was experiencing the effects of the far distant, but massive Cyclone Pam. This symposium was the culmination of a 12 month research capacity building grant provided by Tropical Diseases Research, World Health Organization. Atoifi was the only group in the PICTs to receive such funding in the 2013 round.

Symposium Proceedings

Symposium Presentations - as Powerpoint Slide Shows

Posters presented at Symposium

File that lists and links the presentations

Participants at the First Atoifi Research Symposium held on Thursday 12 March at Atoifi.

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28 March 2015