Donated computers for Kwaio Archive Project

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"When Computer Reach adopted its name, no one could have had any idea just how far that “reach” would extend."

Computer Reach is a volunteer-based humanitarian organization that refurbishes donated and used computer technology. Computer Reach is now supporting research partners in Kwaio, Solomon Islands to realise their dream of repatriating and archiving anthropology materials about Kwaio to Kwaio.

For the full story written by David Akin, University of Michigan and Atoifi Health Research Group member, visit here:

Preparing for Ebola: Lessons for the Pacific

Professor Rick Speare

Ebola preparedness is being discussed in a number of Pacific island countries and territories, including Solomon Islands. Atoifi Health Research Group leader and Director of Tropical Health Solutions, Professor Rick Speare is currently in the Philippines at the request of the World Health Organisation. Professor Rick is training health workers in methods of infectious disease control, including correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE). He explains, "detecting the first case of Ebola before there is any transmission in-country will indicate successful country-level management."

Professor Rick told David Curnow from ABC Queensland about his role in a Radio interview on Wednesday 5 November, 2014. Much of the information Professor Rick shares about Ebola preparedness is also relevant to Pacific efforts. You can listen to the interview by clicking on this link:

TEDx talk: Toilets and Taboos in the Tropics

The South Pacific is paradise for people – but it is also paradise for parasites! Public health researcher and activist David MacLaren shows how working together with local villagers can inform how toilets are designed - to not only reduce parasite transmission, but also suit local environments and incorporate local taboos.

Dr David MacLaren is a member of the Atoifi Health Research Group. He gave a talk for a local TEDx event in Cairns, Australia.

To watch this talk, click on this link:

Radio New Zealand International Interview: Using knowledge from the future to preserve knowledge from the past

"A Solomon Islands Chief from the East Kwaio region in Malaita Province is on a mission to save his traditions and culture from extinction."

Radio New Zealand has recently aired an interview with Esau Foofafimae Kekeubata, East Kwaio chief and Atoifi Health Research Group member. He, along with Dr David MacLaren, discuss the scientific plant collection and preservation training undertaken in Cairns, Australia. Koroi Hawkins reports this training enabled Esau to collect, preserve and identify rainforest plants that are traditionally used for food and medicine in his home province.

You can listen to the interview or read the transcript by following this link below: