Atoifi Health Research Group features in documentary

Thursday, February 18, 2016


This week, a documentary was released that features the recent work of Atoifi Health Research Group on Marovo Island, Western Solomons.

Entitled 'Parasites in Paradise- a soil transmitted helminth survey in Marovo', the documentary records the recent survey of soil-transmitted helminths (STH) conducted in Chea and Sasaghana villages. There is footage of village based research assistants, methods used to conduct the STH survey and interviews with many of the Atoifi Health Research group, including leaders Emeritus Professor Rick Speare, Tropical Health Solutions (THS) Mr Humpress Harrington, Pacific Adventist University (PAU) and Dr David MacLaren, James Cook University (JCU).

The Parasites in Paradise documentary is an excellent description of both the STH survey and the way research capacity strengthening is conducted by the Atoifi Health Research Group. A bonus is the stunning scenery and great music!

Dr David MacLaren of JCU said, "The documentary is also a useful teaching tool for those wanting to learn more about participatory and community-based research in low-resource, tropical environments". He explained, "I have already had the opportunity to share parts of the documentary and discuss with a cohort of PhD candidates, and it was very well received".

To view the documentary for free, visit:

'Parasites in Paradise- a soil transmitted helminth survey in Marovo' was filmed and edited by Ben Speare, of Speare Shot Media and produced by Tropical Health Solutions, in collaboration with Atoifi Health Research Group, Pacific Adventist University and James Cook University.

Speare Shot Media:
Tropical Health Solutions:
Running Time: 54 minutes

A short report of the survey, including findings from the STH screening, is available here: