Rick Speare Memorial Fund Call for Applications

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Late Emeritus Professor Rick Speare

Emeritus Professor Rick Speare was a Foundation Member of the Atoifi Health Research Group. The Atoifi Health Research Group is made up of health professionals, health researchers and community members committed to a grass roots ‘learn by-doing’ approach to research. The Rick Speare Memorial Fund was established to continue Professor Speare’s legacy and support ongoing research activity through the Atoifi Health Research Group.

The Rick Speare Memorial Fund
In 2020, the Rick Speare Memorial Fund will provide funding of up to AUD5,000 (approximately SBD25,000) for a health-related project in the East Kwaio region of Malaita, Solomon Islands. The health project can be hospital or community-based. The project can take up to 12 months to complete and must address a health issue of importance to the East Kwaio region. The project must also have clear objectives, methods and outcomes and have direct community and health impact. The project must build capacity for health projects into the future.

To download the Rick Speare Memorial Fund application for 2020, please visit: https://www.atoifiresearch.org.sb/node/201


For further information contact Dr Kerry Kelly: Kerrykelly20@gmail.com or Luke Speare: luke.speare@gmail.com